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Rick Bolt ran the 2021 London Marathon for Liberty’s Legacy, a Special Fund of the Bone Cancer Research Trust (BCRT). Liberty’s Legacy was set up in memory of Liberty who died from Ewing sarcoma, a form of primary bone cancer, when she was just 14 years old. Rick shares his experience of being a part of #TeamBones

Why did you decide to run the London Marathon for BCRT?

“Friends invited me to run the London Marathon for Liberty’s Legacy and BCRT. Their son had been a keen footballer at a club where I’ve been coaching for 12 years, but sadly he was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma – the same form of bone cancer Liberty had. I jumped at the opportunity to support the charity and rise to the challenge of undertaking this marathon adventure. Fortunately, their son is now in remission having undergone major surgery.”

How did BCRT support you with your marathon?

“From the day that I signed up I felt part of a ‘family’ charity, with people committed to supporting me every step of the way. They gave me words of encouragement through those hard months of training, offered creative ideas for fundraising, kitted me out in the charity colours and were there to cheer me on through the streets of London.”

What was the best thing about being a part of #TeamBones?

“This inspirational journey was encapsulated during the marathon itself. The energy, passion, togetherness, excitement, support and positivity on the day from #TeamBones was unbelievable and will stay with me forever. I suffered hamstring cramp at the 22-mile point, close to one of the BCRT charity cheer points, and my heart just sank. After all that hard work I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to finish the course, but the charity supporters spurred me on to complete the 26.2 miles. Just awesome!”

Would you recommend running the London Marathon with #TeamBones to others?

“Without hesitation! Raising funds for vital cancer research is of course challenging, but with the support of BCRT and its fundraising team the process becomes thoroughly manageable, and the result is one of euphoria and human triumph!”

Is there anything else you would like to say about your experience?

“I would like to thank the BCRT team for the opportunity to run for the charity. I had the good fortune of meeting and talking with Liberty’s family after the marathon, too. In fact, the whole experience inspired me so much that I have decided to do it all again in 2022! This time I’ll also be taking part in the Brighton Marathon, so that’s two marathons in a year. It’s ambitious, but I can’t think of a better way to channel my focus and energy in support of the incredible work that BCRT does.”

If you’d like to make your marathon experience even more memorable, use your ballot place to make a difference to the lives of bone cancer patients and join #TeamBones today. We can’t wait to welcome you to our family! To sign up now, click here.