Find out how to take on the TCS London Marathon for charity 

Evelina London Children’s Charity

Run the TCS London Marathon for Evelina London Children’s Charity

We’re Evelina London Children’s Charity – an ever-growing family of people inspired by Evelina London’s remarkable care and passionate about supporting it.

Every year, more than 103,000 children and young people experience the wonderful warmth of Evelina London. They see first-hand the care and passion of the Evelina London family, which works hard to ensure there’s support every step of the way.

Our marathon team helps Evelina London to explore new approaches and ground-breaking care for children and young people. Together, we help the incredible happen and continue to do some seriously amazing things, like:

  • making Evelina London feel more like home, with wards that provide a sanctuary for families and a play space for children
  • helping parents deal with the prospect of their child needing long-term care
  • providing a ground-breaking MRI scanner and research that could transform a tiny baby’s care
  • introducing a brilliant app that means parents and carers can whisper ‘good night’ from home

We also help care for the people who care, providing comfy seats for tired feet in staff Wellbeing Zones and making sure there’s always someone for them to talk to. We support the brilliant team at Evelina London to keep doing what they do best – providing incredible care for children and their families.

As patient Izzie says: “When you walk through the doors of Evelina London, you feel special. You feel safe there.”

Join our family and the 2022 TCS London Marathon team to champion children’s health and the amazing NHS professionals at Evelina London. To find out how to support us, click here.