Find out how to take on the TCS London Marathon for charity 

Pancreatic Cancer UK

Take on the TCS London Marathon for Pancreatic Cancer UK

I’m Graham and I’m here to tell you why you should join the Pancreatic Cancer UK team.

We’re facing a pancreatic cancer emergency – too little has improved and too many people are dying. It’s unacceptable that more than half of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer die within three months.

In 2016 my father was diagnosed with terminal stage 4 pancreatic cancer, which devastated our family. Initially it was suggested that he may only have a short time (weeks, not months) to live, but he was accepted for a trial treatment. During this time, running gave me a focus – a positive outlet to channel my feelings. So, I decided to run the London Marathon for Pancreatic Cancer UK. The year of fundraising galvanised our family and gave my father another outlet to focus on during his treatment.

The Pancreatic Cancer UK team was amazing and supportive. It was like gaining another family member to help lessen the burden of stress. The team assisted with training and understood the emotions the whole family was going through.

On 22 April 2017, my father passed away at home peacefully following a three-day vigil by his side. He had helped raise nearly £11,000 for the charity. Ten hours later, I was at the Start Line of the London Marathon, numb with the loss.

Five miles into the race it got too much for me and I had no belief I could finish the race. At mile six I was caught by a friend who got me going again and stayed with me for a couple of miles until we lost each other in the crowd. I was back to being on my own amongst 40,000 runners. At mile nine, I was then caught by my friend Mike, who decided to stay with me and get me round to the finish, crying and walking most of the rest of the way. The experience helped me release my grief and gave some meaning to my father’s passing. He had given so much to people throughout his life and in the end he was still giving to others with the money we had raised for the charity.

Twelve months on and I was back in London for the marathon in support of Pancreatic Cancer UK on the first anniversary of his passing – and I’ve kept going ever since.

I’ll be back again this year to take on the TCS London Marathon with my wife, and we’d love you to join us! As part of the Pancreatic Cancer UK team, you’ll receive:

  • Training days and 1-2-1 advice from our trainer Phil
  • Huge levels of support from the events team
  • A supportive community to share this incredible experience with

By taking on the TCS London Marathon for Pancreatic Cancer UK, you’ll help fund research breakthroughs and raise vital awareness. I look forward to seeing you at the Start Line!

To fundraise for Pancreatic Cancer UK at the 2022 TCS London Marathon, click here