Find out how to take on the TCS London Marathon for charity 

Breast Cancer Now

Join Team Now at the TCS London Marathon

Find out why Jenny ran the 2022 TCS London Marathon for Breast Cancer Now.

"On 4 August 2021, my world was turned upside down when I was diagnosed with triple positive breast cancer.

"At the age of 32 and with no family history of the disease, I was completely blinded. The following seven months were gruelling and filled with constant appointments, scans, tests and surgery, as well as 12 rounds of chemo and 10 sessions of radiotherapy. But I’m very happy to report that we had complete success and I now have no signs of cancer.

"Due to COVID-19 restrictions, I had to go to most of my appointments alone and support groups were mostly online. While I had incredible support from family and friends, I felt completely alone.

"That’s where Breast Cancer Now came in. As well as giving me dozens of easy-to-read pamphlets on medications and what to expect through treatment, Breast Cancer Now gave me access to several available services.

"Through the Someone Like Me service, the lovely team matched me with a buddy. Someone with the same diagnosis, treatment plan and fears as me but further on in their experience. I also went to Younger Women Together, an event for women with primary breast cancer aged 20 to 45. Finally, I was able to connect with girls my age who were in the exact same position as me. All these services were free, but the benefits were priceless!

"I felt strongly that I wanted to give back – to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer Now and to share the importance of checking your breasts regularly. Early detection saves lives – doing monthly checks saved my life!

"So I took on the TCS London Marathon. Less than 10 months out of active treatment, this was a huge mountain for me to climb in so many ways – but it meant crossing the Finish Line felt that bit more amazing. And to do it for such a fantastic charity made me so happy and proud."

Want to be like Jenny and cross that Finish Line with pride? Join Team Now in 2023 to experience the iconic TCS London Marathon while raising crucial funds for Breast Cancer Now.

We’ll be here to cheer you on every step of the way, offering you expert training and advice before the event to a fabulous party afterwards. Not to mention a state-of-the art running vest to show the crowd who you’re running for.

You’ll be helping to fund life-changing support for people living with breast cancer and bringing us closer to a world where everyone with breast cancer lives, and lives well. To join Team Now today, click here.