Find out how to take on the TCS London Marathon for charity 


Take on the 2023 TCS London Marathon for Maggie's

Bob was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome in the 1990s. Over the years his mobility got worse and worse, so he had an MRI to see why.

The scan revealed a tumour in his neck, which he had removed.

Two weeks later, he had an appointment with an oncologist, instead of the ENT team he was expecting.

He was diagnosed with cancer – a salivary duct carcinoma – and was told he would need 30 sessions of radiotherapy.

Bob’s cancer is rare – there are only about 200 cases worldwide every year. Because of this, Bob struggled to access any information or support.

At the age of 56, Bob was told that they thought he had two years left. It was a devastating blow and his oncology nurse suggested that he come and speak to Maggie’s.

At Maggie’s in West London, Bob met Louise, one of the Cancer Support Specialists: "Knowing that Maggie’s was here to support my family took a hell of a lot of weight off my shoulders. My mum would have struggled much more without it."

Bob visited Maggie’s every day during his treatment: "I’d first thought about giving back to Maggie’s the very first time I went to the centre.

"In 2021, I was watching the London Marathon on TV. I watched a man in a wheelchair go past. He was in a day chair, just like mine. I got my place in Team Maggie’s just a few days later.

"Racing in a chair is a completely different challenge, but I love a challenge. I’m finding that my mindset is stronger than I gave myself credit for.

"Life in a wheelchair is a bit like life after cancer. You find your own way of dealing with it because nobody is going to live this life other than you.

"I can say hand on heart that I never appreciated the challenges people in wheelchairs face in their day-to-day lives.

"If you use a wheelchair and you want to take on a challenge, I’d say don’t view anything as a barrier. Just meet everything as it comes up."

Bob completed the 2022 TCS London Marathon for Maggie’s and has raised more than £5,000 – and he’s still going!

To do your bit and support Maggie's at the 2023 TCS London Marathon, click here to sign up now.