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Join Brian in the #MSSuperstars team for this year’s TCS London Marathon.

“My introduction to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) was four years ago, when my partner Karen was first suspected of having MS after suddenly losing her speech, which has now mostly recovered. Two years later, following her regular scans, she was officially diagnosed with MS.

“I knew of MS but it certainly brought its impact into focus, and how difficult it can be to work while suffering from the extreme fatigue that often comes with it. Especially as Karen has such a physically demanding job as a nurse caring for war veterans.

“I started running again in 2019 for a little bit of headspace and decided that I would try to put the miles to good use and run for charity. I ran the Scottish Half Marathon and raised more than £2,100 for the MS Society. It was my first half marathon for 13 years and after finishing it I started thinking about going even further, both with the running and the fundraising. I decided to apply for the London Marathon. I was delighted to get the call offering me a place and I was determined to give it my all!

“The training was surprising enjoyable, I managed to become incredibly disciplined the minute I set out my plan. When Marathon Day arrived, I felt prepared, albeit very nervous as it was all new to me. Early on I threw my time out the window and decided it was about getting round and enjoying it. I didn’t enjoy it, I loved it.

“Proud to wear my MS vest, I tried to weave my way across the crowds to speak to other MS runners and catch the odd high five from the excited cheering kid (resulting in me running 27.46 watch miles). A shout and a cheer from fellow MS supporters spurred me on as much as the regular shouts of ‘go on Brian’ from hundreds of total strangers – they probably didn’t realise how much they helped.

“The experience of running the London Marathon is like none I’ve ever had. I decided to apply for the 2023 event as well and got the phone call that I had again been accepted to be part of the team!

“I was and remain incredibly grateful and honoured to run for the MS Society to help support those who suffer. I will always be inspired by Karen – I ran 26.2 miles a bit tired, while she walks miles 12 hours a day as a nurse, often exhausted. People like Karen are the MS Heroes hidden in plain sight.

“The impact on raising money for the MS Society has the obvious benefits of funding support for families, advice, care, research, awareness. But what it does for me and Karen is show people care and, as for the research, it gives us hope.” Brian, 2022 and 2023 MS Society runner.

If you'd like to join Brian in the #MSSuperstars team for this year’s TCS London Marathon, click here and register your ballot place with us.