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Zad Magambo

My first London Marathon experience

My first London Marathon experience

Zad Magambo, from the LME Charities Team (pictured above centre with some of his colleagues), shares his thoughts on working at the London Marathon for the first time, and why he is excited for the future…

My name is Zad and I work with the Charities Team. I joined LME during the pandemic in October 2020 and last month took part in my first London Marathon. To say I was eagerly anticipating this day would be an under-statement.

As I am sure was the case for everyone last year, it was a difficult time for myself, my colleagues, and especially the charity sector. With no mass participation events taking place, we have worked tirelessly as an organisation to get people out enjoying themselves and donating to great causes again.

Being able to witness and be involved on Marathon Day was an extraordinary experience. I was at the Running Show for a day and on Event Day designated to the Start Line. It was encouraging to see so many amazing people take part on the day, with many of the charities I manage being represented.

For me, a black man raised in London, I was proud to see the different types of ethnic representation taking part on the day. It made me realise that there is potential for us to do even more to encourage runners of diverse ethnic backgrounds to be more involved in the future.

However amazing the external work we have done has been, we've been doing great things internally too. All of that started when I joined last year. During this time, the world was left reeling after the events involving George Floyd in the US. When I joined LME, I was immediately surprised at how much the organisation wanted to do to address this. Not just with the recruitment of staff, but also by being sector leaders at promoting diversity and inclusion for participants of all backgrounds.

I am extremely excited to be involved in the work ahead, especially with the charities. On a final note, with this being Black History Month, it is important to remember just how far we have come as a society, but also just how much more we need to do moving forward.