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Women's Hour

Women's Hour at the TCS London Marathon Running Show

To support women's running, we'll be hosting daily Women's Hour talks on Centre Stage at the 2023 TCS London Marathon Running Show. Read on to find out who is speaking on which topics – and when!


13:30-14:00 Panel discussion: Exercise during and after pregnancy and choosing the right sports bra for you

  • Join Courtnay Osborne-Walker, Emma Brockwell and Dr Nicola Brown for a panel discussion on exercise in pregnancy and post-partum, pelvic health and urinary leakage and advice on how to choose the best sports bra for you.


15:30-15:40 Talk: Unlocking your potential as a female runner

  • Research Scientist Dr Georgie Bruinvels will discuss how female runners can proactively work with the hormonal changes that occur through their life to maximise their potential. The effects of hormonal changes and women’s nutritional requirements will be discussed, with ideas on how to proactively support yourself and use hormonal changes to your advantage, so you feel you can exercise to your best ability on any one day.

15:40-15:50 Talk: Harnessing our marathon mindset 

  • Join coaches Clare Rafferty and Emma Kirk-Odunubi to learn how the hormones in the menstrual cycle can alter our perspective and feelings come Marathon Day. They will discuss how to use your cycle as your superpower focusing on the mindset needed for Marathon Day and how best to conquer the TCS London Marathon.

15:50-16:00 Talk: The menstrual cycle, nutrition and running

  • Nutritionist Emily Kier will provide an overview of the menstrual cycle and how you can adapt your nutrition across the different phases to optimise mood and energy. She will also discuss considerations for Marathon Day, depending on where you are in your cycle.


13:00-13:10 Interview with Claudia Burrough

  • Hear about Claudia Burrough’s journey and involvement with the TCS London Marathon, as well as the incredible work she’s been doing to improve inclusion at the event.

17:30-18:00 Panel discussion: The menstrual cycle, training and nutrition

  • Join panellists Faye Townsend, Dr Hazel Wallace, Dr Juliet McGrattan and Nicky Edwards as they discuss all things to do with the menstrual cycle including what the body goes through, how you can adapt training, nutrition advice, preventing injury and some final advice if you’re going to be on your period on Marathon Day.


09:30-09:40 Talk: Top tips for the final 24 hours

  • Hear sports psychologist Dr Josephine Perry share some great ways to boost your confidence, boost your motivation and make your Marathon Day feel a little bit easier.

14:15-14:45 Panel discussion: Training and the menopause

  • Join panellists Anita Bean, Dr Juliet McGrattan, Susie Chan and Dr Victoria Nute in this discussion to help you navigate your training through the stages of perimenopause and the menopause. They will offer advice on how to stay motivated, what modifications you can make to your training and the benefits of training throughout the menopause.