London Marathon participants supporting Alzheimer's Research UK

Alzheimers Research UK

One in two of us will be impacted by dementia in our lifetime. Either by caring for someone with the condition, developing it ourselves or, tragically, both. But research can change this. 

Alzheimer's Research UK is the country's leading dementia research charity. With your support, it will keep going until every person is free from the heartbreak of dementia. The charity’s researchers have worked with scientists across 72 countries, making more than 4,500 discoveries to help bring a cure closer.  

Your donation will help researchers who are making incredible progress. Here’s what your money could do: 

  • £180 could fund one day of research  
  • £250 could pay for a genetic test to help identify dementia risk genes  
  • £500 could pay for a brain scan to help scientists track dementia as it progresses  
  • £1,000 could help fund vital clinical trials, bringing the charity closer to a cure

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