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Cancer Research UK lab

Cancer Research UK

When you support Cancer Research UK, you become a vital part of groundbreaking research, paving the way for a world where everybody lives longer, better lives that are free from the fear of cancer.

In the last 50 years, the charity has helped double cancer survival in the UK. Research by the charity has played a role in around half of the world’s essential cancer drugs, and the development of the HPV vaccine, which is expected to prevent almost 90% of cervical cancers in the UK.

Cancer Research UK was involved in the development of radiotherapy, which now benefits more than 130,000 patients annually in the UK. The charity also helped prove the link between tobacco and cancer, preventing millions of deaths worldwide. 

Your donation will help fund researchers, equipment and nurses to work directly with those affected by cancer. Here’s what your money could do:

  • £50 could buy a microscope lens, meaning scientists can focus on the small details that could help us beat cancer
  • £100 could fund a postdoctoral researcher for one day. Cancer Research UK funds about 750 postdoctoral researchers, developing their skills in the lab under the supervision of expert scientists
  • £200 could fund, for an hour, a team of nine cancer nurses and their amazing work with people affected by cancer. The team provides confidential support and guidance to people affected by cancer
  • £400 could buy a gel electrophoresis machine, which can be used to measure the length of pieces of DNA, so scientists can find out more about our genome
  • £1,000 could pay for a whole-genome sequencing experiment to ‘read’ DNA
  • £2,000 could fund a lab technician for one month. Lab technicians are crucial to the running of the lab, ensuring researchers are equipped with everything they need

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