London Marathon participants running for King's Health Partners

Kings Health Partners

King’s Health Partners helps Evelina London Children’s Hospital provide compassionate, trailblazing care for children and their families. 

Evelina ensures compassion is always at the heart of treatment, and the hospital even introduced an app so parents and carers can whisper ‘goodnight’ to children and young people from home.

Evelina is the only hospital in the UK using 3D MRI scans to help diagnose heart problems in babies still in the womb. The clinical research facility also looks at new ways to treat and care for those with epilepsy, neuromuscular conditions, sickle cell disease and allergies.

Your donation will help children and young people throughout their treatment and make the hospital feel more like home. Here’s what your money could do:

  • £10 could help put a child's mind at ease with imaginative toys, books and games that explain what happens in hospital
  • £100 could help the team put together amazing rucksacks full of distraction toys for every ward and department
  • £350 could buy even more DVD players with headphones and give every child the chance to escape into their favourite film

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