Even though one in four people have mental health problems, most don’t get the help they need. This has to change.

Mind is here to fight for mental health. The charity produces trusted information about mental health problems and supports people through its helplines. Mind also campaigns with the government to get a better deal on mental health, and speaks out when something isn’t right. But the charity can’t do it alone. 

Your donation will help provide trusted information and help those who need support. Here’s what your money could do:

  • £150 could help Mind provide 1,200 information booklets. These cover all kinds of mental health topics and give people trusted information when they need it
  • £260 could help us to keep Side by Side open for eight hours. Side by Side is Mind’s online community where anyone can join, talk and find support, 24/7
  • £500 could help Infoline answer 50 enquiries. Mind’s Infoline helps people find out more about everything from mental health problems to treatment options

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