Motor Neurone Disease Association

Motor neurone disease (MND) is a fatal, rapidly progressing disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. There is currently no effective treatment or cure.

Every day with motor neurone disease counts. Your support could help the Motor Neurone Disease Association improve the access to coordinated care for people with MND at the charity’s network of care centres and maintain its helpline for people living with MND, as well as their families, carers and health professionals. Donations will also help the charity provide equipment such as communication devices for people living with MND, so they can maintain their identity while communicating with friends and family.

Your donation will help, from providing care for a person with MND to funding vital research. Here’s what your money could do:

  • £85 could fund software to enable someone with MND to bank their own voice so they can continue to use it to speak
  • £160 could buy a specialist communication app for a smartphone/tablet enabling someone who has lost the ability to speak to continue to communicate with others
  • £224 could fund an MND Connect helpline advisor for eight hours, helping to provide information and support to anyone affected by MND
  • £280 could fund the co-ordination of care for a person with MND at a care centre for a year
  • £1,000 could pay for the detailed analysis of the DNA of someone with MND, helping the charity better understand what causes the disease

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