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Participants in the Octopus study

MS Society

The MS Society funds Octopus: a revolutionary trial to test multiple drugs for progressive multiple sclerosis at once. The aim is to deliver life-changing new treatments up to three times faster than a normal trial.


Currently, those with progressive MS have very few treatment options, but Octopus has the potential to change this. What’s more, the multi-arm, multi-stage design of the trial is a first for MS.

Your donation will help fund research to bring us one step closer to stopping MS. Here’s what your money could do:


  • £5 could pay for laboratory equipment such as microscope slides, used to look at cells and tissue samples in minute detail  
  • £30 could pay for the processing of one blood sample, giving researchers crucial information about MS
  • About £200 could pay for an hour of MRI scanner use, which is crucial for understanding how MS affects the brain
  • About £2200 could pay for Octopus’s information costs for 100 participants, helping people understand the research they’re taking part in

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