Bone Cancer Research Trust researcher in the lab

The Bone Cancer Research Trust

Every 10 minutes, a child, teenager or adult is diagnosed with primary bone cancer, yet it remains an under-researched and under-funded disease.

For nearly 30 years, there have been no significant improvements to survival rates due to the lack of research.

The Bone Cancer Research Trust is the leading charity dedicated to fighting primary bone cancer. The charity’s mission is to save lives and improve outcomes through research, information, awareness, and support.

Your donation will help support people going through treatment for primary bone cancer and help fund research to find a cure. Here’s what your money could do:

  • £4 allows the charity to provide a child undergoing life-altering surgery with an interactive storybook to help them understand their treatment and recovery
  • £10 pays for one support box which includes all the information and support resources patients need to guide them through a diagnosis of primary bone cancer and a free gift to make their stay in hospital a little more comfortable
  • £30 funds an hour of essential laboratory time for the charity’s researchers to investigate new treatments for primary bone cancer
  • £85 funds one of the charity’s talented, young researchers for an entire day in the laboratory 
  • £150 allows the charity to hold one of our Bone Cancer and Bone Tumour Support Groups, allowing those affected to come together and access vital support from The Bone Cancer Research Trust and peer-to-peer support

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