Coopah announced as the official training app of London Marathon Events'

London Marathon Events (LME) has announced Coopah as the Official Training App of all LME’s owned running events, including the TCS London Marathon.


The run coaching app, which delivers individual training programmes for a range of distances and target times, will offer support and guidance for participants of the Brighton Marathon Weekend, TCS London Marathon, The Big Half, Vitality Westminster Mile and Vitality London 10,000.


Participants who've signed up for next year’s TCS London Marathon, on Sunday 21 April, have already been offered the opportunity to download the Coopah app and start their training plans.


Founded by Pete Cooper and Dan Strang in 2021, the Coopah app was created following the tragic death of Pete’s mum of a heart attack in 2016. In the aftermath of this sudden and heartbreaking loss, Pete suffered with depression and anxiety. Following encouragement from friends and family, he turned to running as a therapy to work through his grief and mental health illness.


Running has since helped to transform Pete’s life and inspired him to develop the Coopah app in memory of his mum, who was a keen runner herself, to help others achieve their running dreams. His ambition is for the Coopah app to encourage more people to get active by providing support and guidance through unique training plans on the app, which allows flexibility around when and how you train. 


Pete Cooper, co-founder of Coopah, said: “I want Coopah, and my mum’s legacy, to shine a light on the life-changing impact running can have. Running has been my therapy for many years now, and along the way I have found a community of people who lifted and supported me, and that is exactly what Coopah can now do for all those people looking to take on events like the 2024 TCS London Marathon, the Brighton Marathon or shorter events such as the Vitality London 10,000. Working with London Marathon Events is a huge step in the evolution of Coopah and we are excited about the possibilities that this partnership will bring.”

Hugh Brasher, Event Director of London Marathon Events, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Coopah to offer all of our running event participants the opportunity to develop their own personalised training plans that suit their individual needs. Often training plans are rigid and inflexible – Coopah gives people the ability to take control of their training schedule, which we believe will be of huge benefit to all those using it across our running events, including next April’s TCS London Marathon and Brighton Marathon.”


The Coopah app allows users to develop their own fully personalised training plan built around their availability and running ambitions. As well as a personalised training plan, the app also provides:


  • A 'beat your running goals guarantee' or your money back!
  • 24/7 chat access to a real-life coach
  • Plans that adapt as you train
  • Streaks to keep you motivate
  • Weekly and monthly progress tracking
  • On-app device recording
  • The ability to sync your runs to your favourite smart watch

LME and Coopah are committed to working together to continuously improve the training app, with new features regularly available.


Coopah is available to download on the App Store and Google Play Store here.

Enter TCSLM2W for a free two-week trial.