Crista Cullen




From penalty flicks to fundraising ticks

Anything that encourages you to find out more about yourself, set new targets, all the things that give us fulfilment, are good things – and running is definitely one of them. One of my bucket-list goals is to finish the London Marathon so I’m going to give it a good go on Sunday 3 October!

Crista Cullen

…and Kipchoge

“When Eliud Kipchoge won the Olympic gold in Tokyo there was an amazing response here in Kenya, as you’d imagine. He’s such a humble guy, but he believes that no human is limited and this chimes with the sentiment in a country like Kenya where everyone is trying hard. His ability to share his success and encourage others is really inspiring; Kenyans really look up to him and that includes me, so I’ll be channelling that spirit on Marathon Day.”

You can donate to Crista’s fundraising page for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust here.

Crista will also be supporting the TogetherForWater campaign, which is a challenge to get active and accumulate the 6,000 miles from the UK to Kenya to raise money to create water security for rural communities in Africa.