Chris Thompson




Quickfire Q&A: Chris Thompson

Strike a balance between working hard and having fun.

Chris Thompson

What’s your ultimate career goal?
To be able to achieve 20 chin-ups in one go!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to take up running?
Strike a balance between working hard and having fun.

Best injury-prevention tips?
Rest when you’re feeling more tired than usual. If you don’t listen to your body, you’ll suffer injuries.

Who was your first sporting hero? 
Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins (two-time World Snooker Champion). He was an incredible talent and personality combined.

What’s one of your earliest sporting memories?
The Italia 1990 FIFA World Cup. Great memories.

What helped you cope during lockdown?
Getting ready to become a dad.

What are you looking forward to when things return to ‘normal’?
Going to footie games again to watch my hometown club, Barrow. (Founded in 1901, Barrow were promoted back into the Football League last year following 48 years in non-league.)

What does this extra funding mean to you?
It’s helping me try to keep injury free because I can spend the money on extra physio sessions and so on.

Describe your perfect day
Having a lie-in and watching some TV – Soccer Saturday perhaps – and then playing golf.

If you weren’t a runner, what would you be?
It probably doesn’t bear thinking about!

Favourite place on the planet? 
The Lake District. I feel fortunate to have such a beautiful part of the world right on my doorstep.

What one item can’t you be without?
My son.