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Russ Cook speaking at the Finish Line of the 2024 TCS London Marathon




Watch Russ Cook aka 'The Hardest Geezer' speaking at the TCS London Marathon Finish Line

The ‘Hardest Geezer’ joined more than 50,000 runners taking on the iconic event today (21 April), just two weeks after completing an epic 10,000-mile run across the length of Africa.

Cook, 27, who finished in 4:25:40, said it was great to be back running on UK roads and said running had ‘changed my life’.
“It is not quite the Sahara Desert, but it is great to be back on UK turf. It was a busy day, but everyone has been unreal and to see everyone out there is special. Everyone running has overcome their battles out there, and it is great to see.
“The contrast of running in Africa was big. The energy from the crowds in London is unparalleled and I encourage anyone to do this marathon, Brighton Marathon or any other. I ran a lot as a kid and running has given me everything. Before running I wanted to put my focus somewhere and it has given me positive outcomes. I am more motivated, discipled, self-confident and believe in myself, it has changed my life.”
Cook is now planning some time off, albeit not quite yet, and accepts his body will need a rest at some point.
“This is another little outing and a stretch of the legs,” he laughed. “I will take some time to calm down and rest but not quite yet. My body is not at 100 per cent and there are twinges, which is to be expected!
“If I am in the UK this time next year I would love to do it again.”
Cook only completed his near year-long challenge - that saw him start in Africa’s most southern point, in South Africa before crossing the Finish Line in Ras Angela, Tunisia - on 7 April. 

You can watch Russ speaking at the Finish Line of the 2024 TCS London Marathon below.