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Elite athlete flash quotes

2023 elite men’s wheelchair race quotes

Marcel Hug (SUI), winner (1:23:44)

“Happy to race a course record. It was a smooth race – exhausting as I went very hard early. It went well and I’m very happy to be here in London.”

Jetze Plat (NED), second place (1:28:44)

“Focused on London, having raced six days ago in Boston on a flat tyre. I knew that Marcel was on the next level, so I tried to stay on his wheel. At 8K I attacked. But Marcel pulled away after 2K and I was dead. I tried to keep to high speed on cornering, but it was windy out there and the last 10K was by myself. It was a really tough race, but I think it’s my personal best today.”

Tomoki Suzuki (JPN), third place (1:30:00)

“Towards the halfway point I was doing the rotation with Plat, but then found I couldn’t keep up with him and it was very difficult. It was a very tough race, but great. It’s my first podium place in London and my best-ever result in a major. I’m very happy.”

David Weir, (GBR), fifth place (1:32:45)

“The guys are flying at the moment. I wasn’t too far behind my time from last year. I made the wrong decision to sit behind Marcel, so when he sprinted, I couldn’t go with him. I’ve not got enough in the tank left to give to keep up with the young guys. I’ll be back for number 25 next year.”

2023 elite women's wheelchair race quotes

Madison de Rozario (AUS), winner (1:38:51)

“I am delighted. It was an amazing race with one of the strongest fields I’ve ever been in. I found it intimidating to be up against such incredible athletes. The final sprint was fantastic. I saw Manuela’s wheel coming up alongside me, but I just kept focused. The race is so important to me and to be alongside people I admire so much is amazing.”

Manuela Schar (SUI), second place (1:38:52)

“Really exciting race. I’m really proud to be part of an improving and exciting group of female racers. The first 10k was hard but then I started to feel better, but I guess that’s a sign of my age. I had a race planned but I always find that in these conditions it makes sense to constantly keep adapting to how the rest of the racers are responding. I’ll take a small break now and be back on the track training for the summer.”

Catherine Debrunner (SUI), third place (1:38:54)

“The conditions were actually quite okay. I had a good set up for the rain, but it was really tough. The race, from the beginning was really, really fast and I really struggled to keep the pace with the first ladies, but it’s amazing that we have such a fast group at such a high level. I really enjoy it and I’m really proud that I achieved top three. The crowd is amazing and they really help you during the last six kilometres to make it to the end. It’s the best atmosphere I’ve ever had.”

2023 elite women's race quotes

Sifan Hassan (NED), winner (2:18:33)

“I have no words. My leg was bothering me; I had a hip problem a week ago. I forgot to tape it this morning. I stopped and stretched, and they got away, but I started to feel good after 10K.

“I can’t believe I’ve finished, let alone won. I can’t believe I’ve finished a marathon. I was so scared for the marathon. I put a lot of pressure on myself. I’m so stupid to play this kind of game. What was I thinking, running a marathon? I never cry, but this morning I was crying!”

Alemu Megertu (ETH), second place (2:18:37)

“It was very good today but the rain made it very difficult. It’s my fourth time running in London and I am very pleased with my result. I tried to win in the final kilometer but I just didn’t have enough left.”

Peres Jepchirchir (KEN), third place (2:18:38)

“The race was good. I tried my best, but I struggled at 40K. Tough weather with the rain from 10k but I thank God that I just kept running.

“At 40K, I knew I wasn’t going to stay with her (Sifan Hassan) pace. So, I concentrated on finishing strongly. I really enjoyed the race and will be back.”

Sam Harrison (GBR), eleventh place and first female British finisher (2:25:59)

“Fantastic race. I am doing PB after PB. I think I’ve smashed my PB by a further seven minutes, so I am delighted by that. The last eight miles was tough, and the pace was grinding me down, but the crowd got me through.

“Marathon running is mentally testing. Your mind is telling you that you can’t carry on but physically you have to keep strong and get to the finish. My aim for today was to reach world qualifying standards which I think I’ve done. This was my third ever marathon experience and it’s getting better every time.”

On Eilish McColgan, who had to pull out of today’s race:

“She is a phenomenal athlete. I’m sure she would’ve been right up there. Looking forward to the end of the year to possibly test this. For now, I will focus back on the track for 10K and half marathons. Looking to do my next marathon at the end of the year.”

2023 elite men's race quotes

Kelvin Kiptum (KEN), winner (2:01:25)

“I’m very happy to run the second fastest time in history. My preparation was good. My secret is hard training. I’m very happy to race in London. The cheering gave me great motivation.”

Geoffrey Kamworor (KEN), second place (2:04:23)

“For my debut run, it was really good. The crowd was great.”

On comparing the London and New York City Marathons:

“London was flat and I enjoyed the course. I will definitely be back again. I couldn’t keep pace with Kelvin [Kiptum] as he pulled away.

Tamirat Tola (ETH), third place (2:04:59)

“It was very difficult because of the rain. This weather is not for me, but I am happy. When Kelvin moved, my legs were not ok. I was not moving well, and I couldn’t go with him.’”

Emile Cairess (GBR), sixth place and first male British finisher (2:08:07)

“It went really well and I felt good until 30K. I pushed on to 35K when I shouldn’t have done – it made the last 3K very difficult. The rain kept us cool, it was very nice. Fantastic to run against Mo [Farah], he got the crowd going. It was a privilege to share the road with a British legend. When I went past him, I pushed too much. I wanted to get rid of him.

“Going forward for next year, I need to be more patient and more even paced. I really liked the conditions today. The rain kept us cool and the wind wasn’t too strong.”

Phil Sesemann (GBR), eighth place (2:10:23)

“I really felt good early on in the race. The last three miles flowed for me. I loved being out there on this course, it’s the best day of my year. I felt strong coming down the final straight and I even managed to come in before Sir Mo Farah.”

Sir Mo Farah (GBR), ninth place (2:10:28)

“The race was OK but I found it tough. It was really emotional for me, but the crowd was incredible as always.”

On running with Cairess:

“That’s kind of him because he is an amazing, great athlete and I hope he keeps enjoying running.”

On being asked what was next:

“Great to have some fantastic memories from London, but not sure what’s next for me.”

Ross Braden (GBR), sixteenth place (2:15:47)

“Not happy – it’s the first marathon I’ve not won a PB in. Legs felt heavy late on. I felt great everywhere else, but the legs weren’t having it. I maybe overcooked it in my preparation.”