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Flash Quotes - Elite Men's Field

1st place: Alexander Mutiso Munyao (KEN)

On the race: 

“At around 40K is where I thought I could win. My focus was good and I felt good. This is the biggest marathon of my career and it means a lot. I think many good things are yet to come.”

On remembering Kiptum:

“Kelvin Kiptum was very much in my thoughts today. Let him rest in peace.”

2nd place: Kenenisa Bekele (ETH)

On setting a new world record for over-40s: 

“I was very close. My lower back hurt.

“I am happy, but a bit disappointed. I put in what I expected at 41. I was a bit injured. I think I have two to three more years of marathons. I don’t think I’ll win London, but I like the city.”

On his Masters world record: 

“This is my time.”

3rd place: Emile Cairess (GBR) - 1st British Male Finisher

On the race: 

“It was very windy out there. For the first 13K it was feeling very hard. I’m absolutely delighted to be going to the Olympics - it’s a dream come true. I wanted to run a bit quicker today, but the conditions didn’t allow.

“When one of the pacers dropped out, the pace began to struggle and dropped a bit, and I had to decide to leave them, or stay behind.

“Overall it was very gusty, but I managed to sneak into third place. My target next time will be to run faster, but I’m delighted with the qualification [for the 2024 Paris Olympics].”
4th Place: Mahamed Mahamed (GBR) - 2nd British Male Finisher

On the race:

“Finishing fourth was just amazing, and it makes it even more special today to know I am going to Paris [for the 2024 Paris Olympics].

“This really is a dream come true and I just can’t stop smiling.”

On British long-distance running:

“It’s just getting better and better, and we [himself and Emile Cairess] have a few more years at the top.”