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Flash Quotes - Elite Men's Wheelchair Field

1st place: Marcel Hug (SUI)

On the race:

"It was a tough race in the toughest conditions. I had to try everything to make a break."

On his Boston Marathon injury:

"I was injured after the race. I was feeling good training, but it was a little worse than I expected."

On recovery: 

"You just get used to it. I have a good sleep and I'm ready to go again."

On prize money parity for para athletes:

"It's a great feeling and a real privilege. I'm now going to get some rest and relax, and get ready to go again!"
2nd place: Daniel Romanchuk (USA)

On the race:

"There were lots of tactics at play, it was an evaluation situation when deciding the next move. It was a little different being in a group of four, it kept things interesting."

On prize money parity for para athletes:

"For London to offer the equal prize takes things to a new level for marathons. I'm excited for what's next."
3rd place: David Weir (GBR)

On the race:

"It was the toughest race I've ever done, but better than I planned.

"I got dropped at Cutty Sark when Marcel Hug broke away as I didn't expect that. It was hard to pull back due to windy conditions. I wasn't sure I was going to make it back at Tower Bridge, but I kept pushing. Marcel's surges were tough."

On his new chair: 

"It makes a massive difference as I stayed with Marcel for 20 minutes this time. I only lasted 3.14 miles last time."

On his 25th consecutive TCS London Marathon:

"I'm amazed. I can't think of any other athlete in any other sport that has managed this. I advise my academy athletes, especially the young ones, not to over-train if they want a lifetime of racing. I'm 45 and still enjoying it. My parents never over-pushed me."