Mini London Marathon in Schools activity shot

TCS Mini London Marathon in schools

2024 TCS Mini London Marathon in schools is now closed

We want to say a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the children and young people who completed the 2024 TCS London Marathon in schools. We had more than 400,000 people enter the 2.6-mile challenge between 15 April and 10 May, which is incredible!

Congratulations to the teachers who took on this challenge in their schools and settings and came together to be a part of the 2024 TCS Mini London Marathon event. Thank you for entering your children and young people and inspiring them to be active every day!

We’ll soon be in touch with schools to confirm participation numbers and to send out trophies.

We’ve loved receiving your stories and photos, please keep them coming via our social media channels! It’s great to see how many of you have taken this on in your own way or completed the WWF-UK Wild Mile.

Schools that want to take part in the 2025 TCS Mini London Marathon in schools can register their interest later this year. Please check this page at the start of the new school year.

If you feel inspired, look out for all the other events we organise throughout the year and discover how you can get involved here.

The free TCS Mini London Marathon in schools invites schools to enter their children and young people to run, jog, walk, or wheel 2.6 miles in their school setting.

It might be called mini, but it is a big event, and over a million children have taken on the challenge since 2020. What's more, your school gets a trophy for taking part!

Once registered, you will receive your school toolkit and can start planning the event. Decide where and when the children will be completing their 2.6 miles. You can do this over one, two, three days or more, depending on the ages and abilities of the children. If your school does The Daily Mile then that can count towards completing the challenge.

Your toolkit contains the following: Certificates and running bibs for participants. The all-important finish line! Bunting and posters to decorate your school. Assembly Slides with ideas to get active. WWF-UK educational resources and fundraising tips. 


  • You can measure the exact distance if you want to and if you have time. If not, feel free to use a rough estimate of the distance. The most important thing is that children are getting out of breath and feel the benefits of physical activity.

    If your school does The Daily Mile (15 minutes of jogging or running) then that counts towards completing the TCS Mini London Marathon in schools.

  • Yes, there’s a one-mile and a 2.6K event taking place in central London on Saturday 20 April. The event is now at capacity, so if you would like your pupils to be involved this year entering the TCS Mini London Marathon in schools is a great option!
  • We’d like children to get out of breath if they can, as this is what helps them become fitter and healthier. Some children might run the whole time, others might jog or slow down to get their breath back.

    Children with disabilities can complete the event in a way that meets their needs – whether that’s walking, pushing themselves, being pushed, walking with crutches, or in whatever other way they can. The TCS Mini London Marathon in schools is for all children and young people!

  • A PTA can register, as long as a member of the school staff is involved in the planning for the event. The school address will need to be provided when you register.
  • The TCS Mini London Marathon in schools is for UK schools to enter and complete during the school day, so parents/carers are not able to register their children. We would encourage parents and carers to speak to their school though and ask them to take part.
  • Once your school has completed the TCS Mini London Marathon in schools, you will receive an email to confirm the total amount of pupils who took part. Providing your school has reached the minimum amount required you will then receive your school trophy. Send us your photos and stories, we would love to hear them



Raise funds for a good cause

WWF-UK (the World Wide Fund for Nature) has become the inaugural charity partner of the TCS Mini London Marathon and the TCS Mini London Marathon in schools. Since the London Marathon started in 1981, its participants have raised more than £1 billion for good causes – so why not make your TCS Mini London Marathon in schools a fundraising event and raise money for your school or our charity partner WWF-UK.