Register your place in the virtual 2022 TCS London Marathon!
Mini London Marathon in schools

TCS Mini London Marathon in schools

It’s back for 2022!

All schools across the UK can be part of the world’s biggest marathon – sign up to the 2022 TCS Mini London Marathon in schools today.

A challenge for everyone – for all abilities

The challenge is for children to run, jog, walk or wheel 2.6 miles in their school between Monday 26 September and Friday 21 October – around the time of the TCS London Marathon on Sunday 2 October 2022.

You can inspire your whole school to be active with the TCS Mini London Marathon in schools by deciding exactly how to meet the challenge. Do the whole distance in one go or break it up into smaller chunks and complete 2.6 miles over a week or more. It’s completely up to you – the TCS Mini London Marathon in schools is for everyone!

Last year, more than 500,000 children were registered to take part in the event, with schools from every region of the UK joining the fun. This year, we want even more children to take on the challenge and feel the benefits of being active and healthy.

There are lots of free resources for your schools and every participant will receive a free TCS Mini London Marathon in schools pin badge.

Inspiring activity

The TCS Mini London Marathon in schools is all about inspiring children and young people of all ages and abilities to be physically active. Regular exercise has a positive impact on children’s physical health and mental wellbeing and can help start a habit that stays with them for the rest of their lives. Everyone feels happier after they’ve been for a run!

Resources for your school

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Raise funds for a good cause

Why not turn the TCS Mini London Marathon in schools into a fundraising event? Last year, schools raised more than £250,000 for good causes, including improvements to school playgrounds, extra money for PE equipment or support for national or local charities. You can use your own fundraising platform if you have one already or look at how Enthuse, our fundraising partner, can help you raise money for some well-known charities, like the World Wildlife Fund or UNICEF.


  • Just complete your entry details here. Let us know how many children will be taking part in your school. You can confirm the exact number after the event, but please give the most accurate figure you can – make sure you give a maximum number, as this will mean we can allocate the pin badges to the first 600,000 children taking part (in other words you won’t be able to increase the number of children who took part when you confirm numbers). You will receive a confirmation email and then an email after the event inviting you to confirm the actual number of children who took part.
  • A PTA can register, as long as a member of the school staff is involved in the planning for the event. The school address will need to be provided when you register.
  • We’d like children to get out of breath if they can, as this is what helps them become fitter and healthier. Some children might run the whole time, others might jog or slow down to get their breath back.

    Children with disabilities can complete the event in a way that meets their needs – whether that’s walking, pushing themselves, being pushed, walking with crutches, or in whatever other way they can. The TCS Mini London Marathon in schools is for all children and young people!

  • You can measure the exact distance if you want to and if you have time. If not, feel free to use a rough estimate of the distance. The most important thing is that children are getting out of breath and feel the benefits of physical activity.

    If your school does The Daily Mile (15 minutes of jogging or running) then, as a rough guide, completing three ‘Daily Miles’ counts as completing the TCS Mini London Marathon in schools.

  • You can use the resources to help make a splash in your school. Put up posters all around the school and print off participant bib numbers for everyone to wear. We love to see your pictures on social media – share them using #MiniLondonMarathon. You could also fundraise for a charity or the school and get the whole community involved.
  • The TCS Mini London Marathon in schools is for UK schools to enter and complete during the school day, so parents/carers are not able to register their children. We would encourage parents and carers to speak to their school though and ask them to take part.
  • Further details will be sent to Team Managers about this event as soon as possible.
  • Once you are registered, you can start planning the event in your school. The resources will soon have everything you need to download for free – participant bib numbers for the children and posters to spread the word. Decide where and when the children will be completing their 2.6 miles – remember that you can do this over one day, two days, three days or more, depending on the ages and abilities of the children. Think about whether you want to raise funds for your school or a charity and head to the fundraising section to find out more – spread the word to your school community!
  • When all your children have completed the event, you will receive an email from us before the end of October asking you to confirm the number of children who participated. We will then send a TCS Mini London Marathon in schools pin badge to those who were among the first 600,000 children who registered and then completed the event. You can also download and print off a certificate for all children who took part.
  • It does. You can do The Daily Mile as you normally would – 15 minutes of jogging or running at their own pace counts as one mile. If you complete The Daily Mile three times then that is roughly equivalent to completing the 2.6 miles of the TCS Mini London Marathon in schools. If your school wants to find out more about The Daily Mile, please click here.
  • We will send out pin badges to 600,000 children – these will be sent to schools that registered first and then went on to complete the event. We will aim to send these out to you by the end of November 2022 and will contact you to let you know if there is any delay.
  • Any school in the UK can take part.