A Participant wearing a fancy dress costume celebrates as they run down The Mall




Make the most of 2024 TCS London Marathon Fundraising Week!

The TCS London Marathon is the largest annual fundraising event on the planet and we want this year to be bigger and better than ever. 

A record-breaking 578,000 people entered the ballot for a place in the 2024 event, which demonstrates the inspirational effect of the world-famous marathon that is synonymous with charity. 

We love that so many participants use this event to raise money for a good cause and we want to help you raise the most you possibly can.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with our official online fundraising partner, Enthuse, to launch Fundraising Week for this year’s event.

Running from January 29 to February 2, this special week will unite participants in support of charity as you all bid to raise as much as possible.

If you have already looked over your Training Plan you’ll have noticed that it includes fundraising best practice to help you on your journey.

And in that spirit, we wanted to share five tips on how to be a fantastic fundraiser.

1. Make it official

 The best place to start is to make sure you’re signed up via the official TCS London Marathon fundraising platform. This gives you a fundraising page that includes your charity’s branding and ensures the money you raise is included in the official total at the end of the event. If you haven't already, you can start setting up your page on the Enthuse website. What’s more, only participants fundraising via the official platform will be able to take donations via the TCS London Marathon App come Event Day.

2. Story time

When someone lands on your profile page, it’s important to tell them about your chosen charity and what it means to you. Even if they know you, they might not know the full story behind your marathon challenge.

3. Back yourself

While your thoughts will naturally jump to how others can donate to you, you might want to get the ball rolling yourself. Donating to your own fundraising page will help bump up the totaliser and it shows everyone how committed you are to your cause. Fundraisers who self-donate raise just over 50% more.

4. Keep everyone posted

Whether it’s posting a run from Strava, a picture of your training or a paragraph about how you're feeling, updates on your fundraising are a great way to keep people in the loop. You’re working hard, so don’t be modest - show everyone your progress.

5. Share on social

The final (and arguably most important) tip is to share your fundraising page on all your different channels. The most successful fundraisers post about the event every day, so try out the different social media platforms and see which works best for you.

About a quarter of people say they didn’t donate to people running for a cause as they either forgot or didn’t have time when asked. So, don’t be shy about frequently posting your fundraising page. 

That’s what Fundraising Week is all about - so make it count! 

Join thousands of other TCS London Marathon participants and access your official fundraising page now. Remember, it's never too late to set up your fundraising page and start making a difference.