Find out how to take on the TCS London Marathon for charity 
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Marathon motivation tips

runner wearing the New Balance TCS London Marathon kit

Official kit by New Balance

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6. Mix it up

David Hylton, co-founder of #RunChat, says: "Running is simple. Preventing it from getting boring is simpler." But how do you put this into practice? You inject some variety into your running sessions. To add a bit of spice to your training, you could try hill repeats, a track session, or sign up for a trail race. Or you could just run somewhere new to freshen up your routine.

7. Avoid an ‘all or nothing’ approach

If you’re short on time or really not feeling up to a long session, just go out for a shorter run for however long you feel you can spare. As legendary running author Dr George Sheehan once said: "Have you ever felt worse after a run?"

8. Reward your efforts

Treating yourself to some new running gear is a great way to give your training a boost as you’ll be keen to get outside to show off your fresh kit! You could also promise yourself a sports massage or a running gadget if you stay on track with your training and hit goals along the way.

9. Be inspired

Which athletes do you look up to? Many big-name runners have written books, recorded podcasts or filmed documentaries about their amazing exploits and how they've pushed themselves to greatness, so why not read about, listen to or watch someone who has inspired you to see what learnings you can take for your own training? 

10. Have something to look forward to

By lining up a treat of some kind at the end of your run, you're more likely to stay focused during the session and give your best until the end. The treat could be a good meal with family or friends, an episode of your favourite TV show or simply a relaxing, hot bath.

Feeling suitably motivated? Now get out there and put these tips into practice!