Find out how to take on the 2023 TCS London Marathon for charity




Sports nutrition made simple

Try Lucozade Sport in training

On Event Day, Lucozade Sport and Lucozade Sport gels will be available on the TCS London Marathon route, so it makes sense to try these products in training as you build up to the big day – although you could also try alternatives and carry these with you on Event Day if you prefer.

Experiment on longer runs

We store carbohydrates in the body as glycogen. When we run for longer durations, we tap into this glycogen store for the energy that keeps us moving. As these stores begin to reduce it is recommended to take on extra carbs during your training to preserve these glycogen stores. If you deplete your glycogen stores you will be out of energy and your race may be over.

The amount of carbs you consume will come down to personal preference (which you’ll discover as you experiment during your training), but the experts at Lucozade Sport recommend 30g to 60g of carbs per hour for endurance-type exercise such as marathon running.

Calculate your carbs

This isn’t as tricky as it sounds – in practical terms, you could get your 30g to 60g by sipping on a 500ml Lucozade Sport which delivers between 32 and 33g of carbohydrates per bottle (depending on flavour), or consuming a Lucozade Sport Dual-Fuel Energy Gel with water, which provides 30g of carbs per 45g sachet.

That’s the basics – to find out more on how to develop a good fuelling strategy as you train for the marathon, the experts at Lucozade Sport have answered your 20 most frequently asked questions.