Find out how to take on the TCS London Marathon for charity 
Start line at Horse Guards Parade

TCS Mini London Marathon para championships

Young disabled athletes can participate in the Wheelchair and Ambulant race categories of the TCS Mini London Marathon. Over the years, the event has launched the careers of Paralympic medallists Hannah Cockroft and Kare Adenegan, as well as Paralympic gold medallist David Weir – who has won the London Marathon a record eight times – and two-time London Marathon winner Shelly Woods.

David Weir said: “It’s where I truly started and found my love of wheelchair racing. I encourage any child in a wheelchair, at any level, if you’re just thinking of beginning don’t hesitate to sign up; it’s such a fun day for the whole family. You won’t regret it, I promise!

The 2.6K event will take place on Saturday 20 April 2024.

Owen Edwardes and Lucas McElroy on the start line

Event criteria

Young athletes who use wheelchairs or have a physical or sensory impairment can take part in the TCS Mini London Marathon championships in the following categories:


  • Under-14 Boys and Girls Wheelchair
  • Under-17 Men and Women Wheelchair
  • Under-14 Boys and Girls Ambulant
  • Under-17 Men and Women Ambulant


Wheelchair waves: To be eligible for the wheelchair event an individual must be physically disabled. They can use a racing chair, sports chair or lightweight chair and must self-propel themselves around the 2.6K-course within a time limit of 35 minutes. Participants must wear a helmet and gloves.

We will have two class of athletes - T33/34 and T53/54, Male and Female. If a participant is new to wheelchair events and do not have a classification, they will be entered into the T53/54 category.


Ambulant waves: To be eligible for the ambulant event an individual must have:

  • a physical impairment that affects their lower limbs
  • a visual impairment (visually impaired athletes can request a guide, if required)
  • an arm amputation or lack of movement in one or both arms

Ambulant participants must be able to complete the course in 45 minutes.

An athlete with an intellectual impairment must have a T14 classification.


All other impairment groups do not have to have a classification but will be referred to classification if British Athletics deems them to fit into the Para Athletics pathway.

Any participants who are hearing impaired or those with a learning disability can enter the TCS Mini London Marathon championships via their region/borough Details can be found here.


Daina Donnelly crosses the line on The Mall

How to enter

For further details on taking part in these categories, please contact Michelle Weltman, who is the Wheelchair and Ambulant/Para Athlete Coordinator for the TCS Mini London Marathon.

There will be opportunities for athletes to be fully classified before the race, which we would encourage you to do before you apply.